i started reading a new book

I started reading Young’s book, “Raising the Bar” the story of how Clif Bar (the energy bar) became such a successful company. One thing that stuck out for this book while I was reading was this passage:

“In any leadership position you have to find ways to get away, to create space in your head. Obsessing twenty-four hours a day about your business is easy. It can seem that getting away, thinking about nothing, won’t accomplish anything. Yet the truth is that taking a break may be the most important business move you ever make.”

I think sometimes we work too hard. We obssess with work because we fear the uncertainty (or at least that’s why I did for a while). Sometimes taking a fat break to let your mind rest will allow you to work more efficiently. Next time you’re stressed at work, do me a favor and take a 15 min break. Go walk around and relax. It’ll help!


~ by toekneelc on November 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “i started reading a new book”

  1. that’s why sleeping on the toilet is A-OK

  2. noich agreed

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