What success means to me

I think at the end our life, our success criterion is not measured by the amount of money we have, our title or status, or the physical materials we own. I think it is solely measured by our experiences, which is also largely influenced by the quality of our relationships (family, friends, loved ones).


If you think about it, attaining massive wealth so that you can enjoy it when you retire effectively means that you won’t be able to live fully until 80% of your life has gone by. The more we live for today, the more our overall quality of life will improve. The meaningful memories that we amass are the only ones we will use to judge our own success.


For me, this means spending quality time with both my family and friends. I go home once a week to eat dinner with my mom and catch up with what she’s doing. She’s going to be moving away to Texas soon so I know my time with her is limited. I moved out to San Francisco so I can enjoy living with 5 of my close friends. The number of social activities that I go to has probably double or tripled since I moved out. Lastly, I love to travel, so I’ll make sure I never miss a trip (in the past year alone I will have traveled to, SoCal, Lake Tahoe, Fresno, Seattle, Whistler, Las Vegas, New York, Peru).

What I have described to you is what success really means to me. You can’t experience success without first determining what success means to you. Define what is important to you and what do you like to spend your time doing. That should naturally boil down to what your success criterion should look like.


~ by toekneelc on March 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “What success means to me”

  1. success to me means pwning you in street fighter alpha 2 ULI

  2. Nice blog!

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