What helps me make my decisions

I stole this framework from Young’s peer coaching slides, contact him if you want to learn more. While his framework relies on 3 central themes (what’s important to you, what do you like doing, what are your strengths) and their opposites (what’s not important, what do you not like doing, what are your weaknesses), I think the most important ones are the first two: What do you find important and what do you like doing. I think it’s beneficial to anyone who creates these two lists because you are putting a firm stake in the ground in exactly what you believe in and what you enjoy doing. Whenever you’re faced with a difficult decision, you can use your 2 lists to help remind and commit to yourself exactly what makes you happy. Here is mine for the time being (also remember that the list will change with time):

What’s important? What do I value?

  • Family/Friends (hang out as much as you can, time is limited)
  • Spiritual life – living in the present, learning how to help people, how to gain spiritual wisdom
  • Maintaining close/meaningful relationships with people
  • Being generous, learn how to give
  • Integrity/intent
  • Being real

What do you enjoy doing?

  • Spending time with my friends (eating, hanging out)
  • Traveling – seeing the world (Seattle, San Diego, New York, SoCal, Whistler/Vancouver, Europe, China, Tibet, Taiwan, Japan)
  • Playing sports/exercising (working out, running)
  • Playing basketball and getting better at it
  • Finding a good book to read
  • Being spontaneous

The importance of creating this list is that I’ll recognize opportunities that satisfy either of these two criteria. They help me re-align myself to what I believe in and helps me live the way I want to live rather than making excuses that prevent me from doing what I like to be doing (for example: oh I had a lot work to do, I shouldn’t be taking vacations). Here are some decisions that I have made based on the lists above:


Should I move out to the city with friends OR live at home, save money and buy a new car?

  • I like hanging out with my friends, its important to me, the decision was obvious, but it took me a long time to decide to do it.

Should I take more time off to go on vacation? Should I plan a vacation to go somewhere I want to go?

  • Whistler – (2/07) done
  • Las Vegas – (3/07) done
  • San Diego – (4/07) done
  • Peru – (8/07)
  • China – (Spring 08)

I don’t like going back down to south bay anymore now that I live up in SF, but I do notice that family time is important.

  • Go home once a week to eat with my mom.
  • Go see family whenever they’re in town.

I’ll play basketball every opportunity I can (at work during lunch up to twice a week, on the weekends, even while I’m traveling).

Spirituality is important, so I have been reading book after book regarding the subjects I’m interested in.

Being generous, learning how to give – try and give/share to people who are less fortunate Forcing myself to go out and hang out with people more (if you know me, then you would have noticed that I didn’t go out as much when I lived at home because I was lazy)

As of right now, I feel like everything is going well. This helps make my day-to-day life more content and happy because I try to fill it with things that I like doing. If you create your own list, feel free to share it with me. I find these pretty interesting.


~ by toekneelc on April 23, 2007.

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