what the #$^@^@ do we know

So I just watched the movie, “What the bleep do we know – down the rabbit hole. Overall it was a pretty entertaining movie despite it not getting the best feedback.  It is a spiritual movie about how quantum physics implies some sort of spirituality.  Here are some of the notes I took from the movie:

+ reality is filtered through your senses and is happening all around you all the time

+ brain processes 400 billion bits a second, we are only aware and focused on 2000 of those bits

+ quantum mechanics vs classical mechanics – presents two different way to look at the the world and explain how it works. In classical mechanics, we are machines, there’s no room for consciousness, we are robots that can die and it won’t matter. Quantum mechanics “suggests” that you can think of the world as a highly interconnected large organism that extends through space and time. In that kind of environment the way you think and behave has a huge impact on the world.

+ 2 separate laws that govern the universe: 1) in our every day classical world we are governed by Newton laws of motion (think of basketballs bouncing, gravity) 2) in subatomic particles, quantum mechanics have theories that say 1) particles can be in multiple places at once (superposition) 2) particles can behave as waves spread out spatially and temporally (wave particle duality) 3) they may be interconnected over great distances (entanglement)

+ if you take the vacuum within a single hydrogen atom 10-23 cm^3 and take the latent energy in that, there’s a trillion times more energy in there than in all of the mass, stars, planets up to 20 billion light away. If consciousness allows you control even a small fraction of that, creating a big bang is no problem.

+ objects never really touch each other (atoms between a ball and the ground never touch)

+ 2nd law of thermodynamics say things unwind and move forward.  In the micro world, the law doesn’t seem to hold and things can go backwards or be timeless. It suggests that the future can have a cause and effect on the present just as much as the past can.

+ In conscious experience, it seems we move forward in time. In quantum theory you can also go backward in time, and there’s some suggestion that process in the brain can project backward in time. In the late 1970s a famous experiment studying patients who had neurosurgery on their brain with the brain exposed while still being conscious. He would stimulate a finger and then record the electrical impulse on the corresponding sensory part of the brain to see when it got there. He would also ask the patient to respond when they felt the stimulus. He would then also stimulate that part of the brain and then ask the patient when they felt the stimulus on their finger. You would think that stimulating the finger would take some time to reach the brain, and thus the patient would respond a fraction of a second later. Likewise, if you stimulate the brain directly, the patient would respond immediately. However the experiment proved the exact opposite. If you stimulate the finger, the impulse would arrive at the brain immediately, while if you stimulate the brain, it would take some finite amount of time to reach the finger. Scientist came to the conclusion that the brain was projecting information backwards in time, so it does take a finite amount of time for the stimulus to reach the brain, but the brain was sending information backwards in time so that conscious perception was that the stimulus could be felt when the actual pinch occurred (very cool).

+ particles/matters at the quantum level can act like a wave (split and interfere with itself, you’ll have to watch the visual on this section..its pretty cool and too hard to describe)

+ scientists hypothesize that your own mind is creating multiple possibilities superimposed on top of each other, you choose one possibility and focus that one as being reality

+ Entanglement – Take 2 electrons that are created together and are “entangled”. If you take one electron and bring it to the other side of the universe, and then if you do something to one, the other responds instantly. So either information is traveling instantly fast, or in reality the 2 electrons are actually still touching. The theory is that since the big bang, all particles in this known universe are entangled and space is an illusion that makes everything appear as separate objects.

and then the film switches gears and focuses a lot on spirituality and a lot less science..which seem to not connect entirely, but you get notes like these…

+ Human intentions affect the outcome of reality. Experiments have shown that there are instances where people’s intention will affect random generation (there were some examples, but i’m too lazy to type out). People affect reality through thoughts.

+ Experiments on the message of water. Water particles that are frozen form different images based on the thought intent or word placed on the water. (The film said that 90% of our body is made from water, but I found in other places that our bodies contain 50-60% water weight. I have wrote in the past on how thoughts affect your body here and here).

Some picture examples
The message of water home page

+ Experiments were then made to see if these intent that affect experiments were happening in real time. They recorded clicks that can be heard in the left and right ear separately and then stored one copy of it in the vault. Then they had someone place their intent on the audio tape asking them to make the left clicks occur more frequently than the right clicks, then when they replayed the audio, both the one that they had and the original one in the vault both showed more clicks in the left ear than the right ear. This suggests that the person’s intent didn’t affect the audio at the moment it was playing, but the thought moved backwards in time and affected it at the moment it was being generated.

+ don’t blame organized religion, blame human insecurity

+ An addiction is something you can’t stop. We get into situations to fulfill the biochemical cravings of the cells of our body by creating situations to meet our chemical need. So if you can’t control your emotional state, then you must be addicted to it.

+ The hypothalumus releases neuropeptides into the blood stream the regulates your body’s hormones and emotions. Done experiments to animals where they hooked up a lever to activate the neuropeptide in the body. The animals who choose the neuropetide release over hunger, thirst, sex and sleep to the point of physical exhaustion before it would take care of itself. That’s what stress does to us. We are so addicted to the stress that we can’t quit our job or leave a relationship because it doesn’t serve us.

I read some of the reviews on this movie afterwards, and it seems that the general scientific community do not accept some of these implications.  However, the one thing I completely agree with in this movie is that there is no real objective reality.  Everything is subjective to your mind.  What is considered fast?  Who is fat? How much money is enough money?  Who determines these things?  Thus, if you’re not happy with something, it is only because you’re forcing yourself not to be happy.  There’s no reason why you can’t change your mindset to look at the bright side of things.

As someone who had a major ankle injury over the past 4 weeks, I must say I’m very grateful that I have a healthy body with 4 healthy limbs.  I haven’t been able to fully sprint and jump with full power yet, but I’m getting close.  Do you realize how much we take for granted just to have a healthy body.  The next time you’re mad or angry or sad about something, think of the bright side of the situation.  Are you really in that bad of a position?

Life is good, and if you don’t believe so, you can only blame yourself.


~ by toekneelc on June 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “what the #$^@^@ do we know”

  1. Hi,

    I am currently studying Science. Am practical but quite open minded for possibilities at the same time. As much as I would like to go into the quantum mechanical theories.. There was a quote on that movie that bothered me a little. That being:

    “Entanglement – Take 2 electrons that are created together and are “entangled”. If you take one electron and bring it to the other side of the universe, and then if you do something to one, the other responds instantly. So either information is traveling instantly fast, or in reality the 2 electrons are actually still touching. The theory is that since the big bang, all particles in this known universe are entangled and space is an illusion that makes everything appear as separate objects”

    How the hell can they have tested that theory.. (an electron on the other side of the universe)!? And if they meant to say ‘2 electrons from a very far distance reacted instantly” I would like to know if they have done those experiments. I was wondering if you or anyone else would know?

    • Yeah I read up more on the movie afterwards and read a lot of criticism and doubt. The move is definitely skewed and taken out of context. However, I believe in the overall meaning behind the movie. As for the actual entaglement theory, it seems like they have done some experiements. I’m not sure if they actually proved the theory out though.


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