I went to watch SiCKO last friday with my department at work. Although very one sided – like the rest of Michael Moore’s movies, it does point out a problem in our society. Here are some of the facts that I have learned from the movie:

+ 50 million americans do not have health insurance or can’t afford health insurance

+ 18,000 people die a year because they can’t afford health insurance

+ Told many stories of people getting screwed over (here’s one): Lady’s insurance refused to cover her ambulance bill because she didn’t give preapproval since she was unconscious during the ambulance ride to the hospital.

+ In America, doctors that work for organizations get bonuses based on the number of claims or patients they reject or deny service to. More profit for the organization = higher pay check for the doctor.

+ Bills were passed that make consumers pay more for coverage, which allows health plans (private corporations) to profit.

+ Certain Congress men are opposed to a universal healthcare because they are directly supported by health plans. Thus they end up supporting bills that give health plans more power. Once the bills are passed, some congressmen step down to work directly for the health plans that are expected to gain large profits.

+ Universal healthcare (government paid healthcare) is seen as socialistic which is bad, however somethings that we have adopted that are socialistic are and do work are the: police/fire department, K-12 education, library

+ Canada/England/France have free healthcare for everyone. Pharmacy drugs are also very cheap – $5 or less no matter how many pills you buy. However downside is wait time. Doctors instead are incented with bonuses for things like: getting people to quit smoking

+ America (the most powerful country in the world) is ranked 37th in the world in terms of healthcare coverage

It’s a good movie and I encourage you to watch it to at least be aware that there is an issue. One thing I did notice is how did America, the most wealthy and powerful country have such crappy health care? How and why do we keep screwing over the poor? I feel like the wealthier you become, the more “Me” first mentality you get. And I tend to think the less money you have the more you are willing to give up.


~ by toekneelc on July 4, 2007.

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