Why am I blogging? Sometimes I feel like I have a lot of things to say that I don’t get down on words. My mind races through things and after awhile, I’ll forget. Is that why you blog? Maybe, maybe not. But this blog isn’t mainly about me blogging merely just about my thoughts and what I do on a daily basis. My blog will be themed around living life in the moment and being happy and enjoying how great life can be. Some of you are blessed and lucky in where you are at with yourself. Some of you probably aren’t too happy with the way things are. I want to help you remember what’s important to you and to help you remember to not stress over the little things. We all get caught up (everyone!) in little things sometimes. It’s hard to take a step back and remind yourself that you have things pretty well. It takes courage to be confident and step out to the unknown.

Live your life as it was your last, do not regret for everything can have a meaning if you want it to. Happy/unhappy is simply a mindset that YOU place on yourself.

There has been many ups/downs in my life. And one of my low points (I wouldn’t say true low point, but I wasn’t emotionally happy) was during my first year of working. I was so caught up in trying to be successful, earning more money, getting promoted and getting recognized that I forget how great it is to have a well-paying job, to have wonderful friends to hang out with, to follow my passion and things that I enjoy doing. My true passion isn’t my job, so why do I spend so much of my free time worrying about work and trying to get ahead. Where is it going to get me?

So this year I’ve been much more positive about life. Have the confidence to know that YOU will succeed. I’m not saying its okay to slack off, or not to work hard. But spend your free time, your free energy, your brain power when you’re not at work to do something that you enjoy doing. And if what you enjoy doing is what you’re doing at work, then more power to you!

Remember, life isn’t where you end up or what you end up with, its the journey that you uniquely took to get you there.


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